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Garbage disposals by roadsides and empty lands. Looks bad, and a bad stench, Cattle eating plastics – eventually the Milk and Milk related products could have plastic crystalline material, and we consume it!

I wonder where are our Waste Disposal Systems, are they working, if so, Are they adequate? Can we not enforce anti-waste dumping law?

At Mysore, we are amongst the most cleanest cities in India!

Waste disposal at roadsides, Landfills to encroach lakes, looks bad, Stench Cattle feed Plastics. They sometimes choke and die. If they do ingest it, their milk comprises of Micro-plastic crystals, a health risk.

We have to educate children during school about proper ways of waste disposal, and they will act as change agents at home to ensure waste is disposed of properly at their doorsteps.

When they grow up they will be part of a community that will articulate environmental friendly policies and participates in the Government to ensure it happens.

The awareness, the strong belief systems have to be ingrained in them when they are at school. For which, the school has to set standards for hygiene, cleanliness, waste disposal.

Let us all work towards a clean and green environment. It is not going to be easy, but each one of us can do our bit.

Today’s children are the change agents and will hope that we will educate them adequately to ensure that they implement “the Clean policy” when they grow up and occupy responsible and Accountable positions. At that time, I hope they will not only recollect but implement the best practices that started out as part of their school education. The schools and their respective families should demonstrate these beliefs in their daily lives today if we have to expect a more environmentally responsible nextgen. Agree?


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