The dance of the Corona Virus

The Corona Pandemic as it unfolded and until date an undefeated virus. Many of us around the world are either directly or indirectly impacted by the Virus. Damaging economies, quality of life, livelihood, a second chance in life for those who contracted the virus and survived it. Most of us, who are STEM(Science,Technology, Engineering & Management) Educated always wanted to believe science will have answers sooner than we anticipated. For us there is, behind every “happening” there is science and logical thinking.

Can we watch a “Magic Show”, without trying to figure out various possibilities on how a trick was done by the magician? Even if we cannot figure it out, our minds are trained to rubbish it as a trick, Illusion, Maya!

When Covid happened the world believed or wishfully thought, well it has happened somewhere at a distance. It was worthy of “Breaking News” on TV Channels, but most of us believed or were made to believe (by Health Authorities) of the World, that it is not gong to spread from Human to Human.

But here we are, fondly hoping for the Vaccines to get delivered, but having spent the last 10 months in darkness of real information, and evolving knowledge of the scientific community, and the Medical Community.

The following Phrases became famous and Universally accepted:

Social distancing, Wear a Mask, Wash your hands often, Pay attention to Immunity, Take more natural and organic food items, Work from Home, COVID tests, Test more, Sanitise, Rapid Antigen Test (I had not heard of it until the outbreak), Testing for Antibodies (I learned it from my close friend who is a Doctor), Viral Load, Second Wave, Herd immunity, Community transmission, etc. All part of our Vocabulary these days, even though some of us would know very little about it!

Why did it happen in the first place?

Live Animal Market in Wuhan where Human beings consume live wild meat including bats. We now know that Wild Bats play host to the Corona Virus.

Was it a Laboratory accident?

Or Did God make it? To make human beings understand that interfering with Nature is unacceptable. Human beings took everything for granted? Aspirations (natural to human beings) turning into greed? Maybe we will never know!

When you are infected and have severe symptoms, and isolated and quarantined, or even severely inhibited by having to follow protocols for possible preventions, Many of the things we worked for, aspired for, suddenly appeared worthless: Money, wealth, fame, stature, power, authority etc. All we want is “not to be infected”, or if infected “get cured swiftly”.

So it is all about Doctor is your God, and God is your Doctor!

Now going back to the beginning of my article, I would encourage you to click on the link and watch the video. It is Philosophical, an Indian way! But I am sure you can draw parallels to Science and Philosophy, and maybe there is more than what meets the eye!

I chanced upon a youtube video


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