The Wuhan Virus

The “Cut the clutter” episode by Shekar Gupta, is something I don’t miss. In today’s episode was a comparison of China, Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh. I would highly recommend it.

Finally, after the analysis of the extent of testing, to China’s local PLA committees playing an iron hand at locking away COVID positive individuals, hence China being able to better control the spread, to Pakistan, and Bangladesh, may not have been able to do the extent of testing India has been doing. The Rate of growth of the number of infected people is showing the highest growth rate.

Is it public apathy to following strict rules of “Social Distancing”, wearing masks, and washing hands often, that continues to hit India.

Is the sense of responsibility to self, family, and the community, missing, or practiced by a few people? When we get out of our homes for a drive, you see lots of people wearing no masks, crowds gathered at street corners, with no Social distancing. Does this tell a lot about the lack of compliance with the government’s advice and recommendations of the fraternity of Doctor?

I wonder if our attitude is “Nothing can happen to me”, especially amongst the ’20s and 30-year-old youngsters. They presume they already have Immunity, and probably their younger age gifts them with natural immunity to fight the Wuhan Virus, It partly does, but we do see many youngsters succumbing to the deadly virus. If they are asymptomatic, and passive careers, they can pass on to their kith & kin, friends, and more.

We still get to see large gatherings in pockets of cities, where outbreaks are happening like a chain reaction. It has disrupted the World order, our economy, and hurt our own livelihoods.

The COVID19 virus clearly has its origin at Wuhan Lab. We are speculating if it as an accident or biological warfare unleashed by China. The world will eventually find out, I hope!

China has no Electoral process, no democracy, no freedom of speech. How will any other country have a meaningful dialogue with China? We are talking to completely different mindsets.

They derive their arrogance from authoritarianism, but it is unfortunate to see absolute, slavery, Rule of Fear. The President of the Republic of China has opposed talks and resolution.

The “quad” comprising the USA, India, Japan, and Australia should deliver a strong diplomatic, and if required, Military messages to China. Economic independence should be settled down bilateral treaties and this time around the countries of the world diversify it “Supply Chain” and also “its markets”.

Not so coincidentally, most Nations have come together, the PLA should show its place. Its internal affairs cannot overspill to biological warfare or greed for territorial aspirations, in fact, greed.

Having said this the only solution in each one us becomes more responsible citizens in the new social order.


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