Social distancing to Digital proximity – Online

The need to comply with Social Distancing, has meant that Schools are shut.

Most schools have embraced the online model to ensure Education continuity. From the time when COVID Lockdown started to now, many schools worldwide are leveraging on Internet and Digital interactive content, Live and recorded teacher sessions, assignments etc, to complete the engagement cycle with the students.

Education technology and tools are vital to the education system today. The teacher-student engagement model is evolving as we are learning by discovering soft spots in a purely online engagement model.

The digital proximity is growing stronger to counter the social distancing issues.

The schools are also creating teacher toolkits comprising of a collection of curated software tools and interactive digital content, for presentations, and simulations.

A similar toolkit is also distributed to students for their use at home. Again comprising of software tools that may be used concurrently during live sessions, and tools to be used offline.

The student toolkit also comprises of stuff they could build with materials, for learning activities.

The integration of a laptop connected to internet, enabling teacher student interaction, in addition to a smart board, for the use of teachers to write and draw diagrams, is a typical teacher workstation.


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