The NCOVID crisis in a joint-family system Vs. the Granular families

In the old model of joint family system, it had the extraordinary ability of one of the elders take care of the well-being, homeschooling the kids. Education with love, care and affection meant better learning and development of skills. 

Joint families typically had the elder and wiser people who would affectionately do hone schooling of their children in some cases for a small group of children in the neighbourhood. 

I understand the children of such families would typically not go to school until about 5th grade. As the would be home schooled

The Old generation houses were bungalows where 30-40 people lived. The support and the strength, if some one in the family was a doctor was even more effective. 

Today’s world is about granular families, mostly working parents. The children who are on their own, self_driven, conviction in what career they would pursue as an outcome of education at school? professional coaching & counselling? they do not get from the wise elders in the family, unless they lived in joint families. 

In which case attending special coaching classes etc. would be higher burden.

Today, families have been granular, working parents, single working parent. That too living in limited spaces like an apartment, when compared the bungalows such joint-families lived in.

Imagine the COVID19 or any other disease was so wide spread, happened in the era of joint family system, the physical, moral, and emotional support would flow. 

Contrast that In the granular families, mostly living apartments, smaller places, and mostly bereft of the wisdom the elderly in the family would step-in, is all natural. 

It would become crisis situation etc., but would be well managed in join-family system where help snd support is readily available.

Such thoughts and comparisons arise when we are challenged, in the new of living and Grand the new social order.


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